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A New Approach For December

Two things started out the 2015 Christmas season differently for me this year.
The first was that we started decorating for Christmas two weeks before Thanksgiving. Ah! The horrors and atrocities of our consumerist society… or maybe not. 
Typically, December and the whole Christmas season is frantic and stressful. Though the house looks great when my wife decorates it, there is so much craziness and running around that it feels like we have barely enjoyed them before it’s time to take the decorations down.
The second thing different this season is that I’m actually enjoying it. Christmas has not typically been a season in excited about. Putting up decorations and the Christmas tree in the living room were all a chore I would much rather avoid. This year, I wanted to be a part of it.
I believe that the second is a result of the first. To approach December with a perspective and direction of rest I believe is honoring the true spirit of Christmas. Christ came that we could cease our working and striving and trying so very impossibly hard to be good and finally rest in the truth that He has done that for us. 
Now in Christ, I can be free to enjoy Christmas and much more.